Will Coleman




The successful event rider, Will Coleman, shares his experience with Stubben saddles:

“A few years ago, my dressage instructor, Gerd Reuter, put me in a Tristan special Stubben dressage saddle. Its deep seat and completely flat chaps changed my dressage position forever, allowing me to find my balance solely by sitting deeply into the horse’s back and not clinging to clunky blocks on the saddle flaps. I was hooked, and now use Stubben saddles extensively for all my dressage and jumping. The rest of their products also play an integral part in my training and competition program, especially their bridles, martingales, girths, pads, ice wraps and studs. The best company on earth for all your horse’s training needs.”









SHelli Breidenbach Shelli Breidenbach, photographer and equestrian from New York, uses Unios products to prepare the equines for her spectacular photo sessions. Her life-size portraits printed on canvas and stretched over wooden frames, creating the look and feel of oil paintings, have become her signature style. Breidenbach’s horse images were recently featured at the Palm Beach International Club at the Winter Equestrian Festival, at the Cannes International Show Jumping Festival and in Equestrio magazine.





Helen McNaught and Duncan McFarlane


Helen and Duncan are both riding their horses in GENESIS BIOMEX saddles.

Helen: "I love it because it's very comfortable and the horses jump great with it. It gives me a perfect leg position, breaks in easily and is very durable. I've yet to ride in a better saddle."


Duncan: "This saddle fits the horses very well and makes them jump better. The top quality leather and Biomex seat are a great value for the money. Genesis is definitely my choice of the Stübben saddles"


Helen McNaught

Duncan McFarlane

Outwoods FarmsOutwoods Farms








SHelli Breidenbach Katherine Groesbeck, Eventing Rising Star at Galway Downs CCII* 2010

"We couldn't have done it without the Stübben EXCALIBUR saddle!"




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